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AzCEP EM Research Seed Grant Winners

Congratulations to the winners below!


Laptop and Notebook


  • $1000 awarded to: Zachary Ginsberg and Summer Ghaith; Advisor, Dr. Rachel Lindor (Mayo Clinic College of Medicine);   “Characteristics, Interventions and Outcomes for Unspecified Abdominal Pain in the Emergency Department"

  • $1000 awarded to: Dr. Anisa Mughal; Advisor, Dr. Pat Connell (Valleywise); A Virtual Approach to Training New Emergency Medicine Residents in Maputo, Mozambique


  • $1000 awarded to: Dr. Katrina Lettang and Dr. Ellen Dowling; Advisor, Dr. Megan McEhlinny (Valleywise); A Retrospective Review of Refugee Emergency Department Utilization and Outpatient Clinic Follow-Up in a Phoenix Safety-Net Hospital


  • $1000 awarded to: Dr. Sasha Reid; Advisor, Dr. Heesun Choi (Kingman); A Double-Blinded Comparison of Low-Cost Ultrasound Media: A Simulation and In-Vivo Analysis  

  • $1000 awarded to: Dr. Richard Cunningham and Katherine Barlow; Advisor, Dr. Geoff Comp (Valleywise); The Effect of Sublingual and Topical Nitroglycerin on Venodilation and Implications for Increased First-Pass Success of Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Vein Cannulation

  • $1000 awarded to: Dr. Michael Henry; Advisor, Dr. Geoff Comp (Valleywise); Emergency department provider experiences with interfacility patient transfer coordination call centers during COVID-19 surges

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