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The Arizona College of Emergency Physicians (AzCEP) exists to support the highest quality emergency medical care and to serve as advocates for our patients, our members and our specialty.


 Next AzCEP Membership Meeting, Wednesday, October 12, 2016 @ 12:00pm.....All members welcome!

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AzCEP Summer Membership Retreat, June 8-9, 2016

Dr. Lauer led a successful retreat in Tubac, that included an Ortho-McNeil-Janssen hosted Happy Hour and dinner sponsored by Glidescope.  Committees have been formed; Education, Legislative, Membership/Outreach and Wellness.  If you are interested in joining a committee, just let Stephanie know.  



News & Upcoming Events

2016 EM Residency Seed Grants Applications OPEN!

Here is the 2016 Residency Seed Grant Application.  Due date is Sept. 30, 2016.

Questions?  Contact Stephanie, or 602-336-4599

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Thanks to all who participated in our 6th Annual ED Doc Day...and the 7th Annual ED Doc Day will be Wed., March 1, 2017!

We had over 65 members attend and had lots of great conversations with legislators. 


ED Doc Day 2017 will be Wednesday, March 1; Mark your Calendars!


Another way to get involved is to join a committee!

 Contact Stephanie ( for more details.

  • Education;

Co-Chairs - Brad Butler, MD, FACEP & Dale Woolridge, MD, PhD, FACEP
  • Legislative;

Chair - Michael Sheehy, DO, FACEP
  • Membership/Outreach;

Chair - Paul Kozak, MD, FACEP
  • Wellness;

Co-Chairs - Mara Windsor, DO, FACEP & Amy Axberg, MD, FACEP

Click here to learn about some Wellness opportunities!

2016 Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Guide

 For your convenience...we hope you find it useful.


AzCEP EM Resident Research Seed Grant Winners

Congratulations to the winners below!
-$1000 awarded to Dr. Vijay C. Kannan; Advisor Dr. Carl Mitchell (MMC) - Maricopa Disease Surveillance Network
-$1000 awarded to Dr. Elaine Situ-LaCasse; Advisor Dr. Srikar Adhikari (Banner UMC) -  Deriving a simplified sonographic approach for the identification of diastolic dysfunction in patients with dyspnea or chest pain in the Emergency Department

-$1000 awarded to Dr. Clifford Ellingson; Advisor Dr. Dale Woolridge (UofA) - The Identification of Biological Markers of Acute Fracture in Children 
-$1000 awarded to Drs. Jennifer Prosser, Ryan McDermott and Hannah Malashock; Advisor Dr. Brad Butler (MMC) -  Nebulized Epinephrine VS IM in the Treatment of Acute Allergic Reactions

-$1000 awarded to Dr. Pedro Roque; Advisor Dr. Dan Quan (MMC) - A Randomized Trial of IV Ibuprofen and Morphine Combination Therapy in Patients Presenting to the ED with Renal Colic
  • Thesis by UA of medical student Calliandra Hintzen, MD 
  • Poster

-$1000 awarded to Dr. Chris Crowe; Advisor Dr. Ben Bobrow (MMC) - Improving ED CPR Quality Utilizing Real-time Audiovisual CPR Feedback
-$1000 awarded to Dr. Javia Larsen; Advisor Dr. Matthew Berkman (UofA South Campus )- Ketamine and Morphine versus Morphine Alone for Treatment of Acute Pain in the Emergency Department -$1000 awarded to Dr. Pedro Roque and Dr. Anne Klokow; Advisor Dr. Teresa Wu (MMC) - Use of Lung Ultrasound for the Diagnosis of Pneumonia by Non-expert Emergency Medicine Ultrasonograpers 

-$1000 awarded to Dr. Stephen Charbonneau & Dr. Whitney Kiebel; Advisor Dr. Dale Woolridge (UofA) - The study was the result of an internal training module and assessing impact of this module.  If you recall, the grant had requested funding to support meetings (lunch/snacks) in the attempt to deliver this training to outside physician groups.  This is where the study failed.  To Whitney and Steve's disappointment, they could not get a set of docs together to sit in on this training.  (I'm sure you can relate on how hard it is to get a series of docs together).   For this reason, the $1k check was never used and never cashed. 

Need a Lecturer?

AzCEP has pulled together a list of speaker topics and presenters to assist in program needs in the state.  Please contact Stephanie if you wish to contact one of the listed presenters.

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